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classroom9 is your place to learn and develop programming, Marketingg or business skills. We have lots of courses from A to Z. Do not forget to check them out.

Help us make your education easier and more affordable

Forget about traditional learning

classroom9 makes it possible to download courses or lessons on a user-friendly interface. Everyone will be able to deal with the easy functionality of the platform. You will be able to assign tasks or home exercises to students.

Huge database for your lessons

You can store all your materials such as tasks, videos, books and more. We also keep a list of all enrolled students. We made it possible for the student to store data from tasks, saved materials, etc.

View detailed analytics

We’ve included all the major features for classroom analytics, academic performance, and other critical data in classroom9. All this in a convenient reports for you. Every user can sort the data based on the preference of date, highest or lowest number.

For education and for business

Let classroom9 take your business to the next level. Your students’ engagement in learning will increase dramatically after using classroom9.

Unlimited number of lessons

Unlimited number of media files

Student / Teacher Profiles

Unlimited e-books

Embedded videos

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