Our team is working hard to ease your everyday tasks with the help of classroom9.

Our user friendly interface will help your students / employees to develop key skills easily and quickly.

What we offer?

New time requires new actions

Classroom9 is suitable for every user, from elementary school students to professors. Ease of use is one of the advantages of the platform. All you need to know is how to use your mouse and keyboard.

Interactive tasks system

Our team came up with the concept of quizzes and tasks in the form of games. That is why primary school students will be very interested in completing some tasks or doing homework. Quizzes are built according to your wishes. You can choose one of the visual options for the test.


classroom9 is very responsive and you can choose the interface of the platform. You can choose the most suitable theme for you. The number of themes for the platform interface is limited. This makes the Classroom9 platform unique to each of our clients.


We have analytics. You will see detailed information about everything that happens on the platform.

Also, each student and teacher will have their own profile. Assigned admin can block / delete student accounts.

Another pros

You can upload unlimited media, video attachments. You can teach any number of lessons with any number of students and instructors.

Also, we offer integration with Zoom. All you need to do is create a link and continue the lesson.

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Our clients

You want to become a classroom9 client? Easy! Just reach with us through hello@zeba.academy.

Alternatively, fill the form below.